Skate Park

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transform your patch logoSaltmill Skate Park is a great place to improve your skills, enjoy your Skating, BMX or In-Line Skates and socialise with those who enjoy the same things as you. With a thriving community of Skateboard, BMX and Scooter users in the area, The Saltmill Skate facility was a much needed asset in Saltash and now that we have it, we want to improve on it and attract more people to use it.

Thanks to funding obtained from Britvic’s Transform Your Patch fund, the skate park is about to have some additions. Visit the Britvic Transform Your Patch website

We would encourage skate park users in Saltash to join the skate park group, Find out more on Facebook



The park has a few different parts to it. with a spined section, a driveway and jumpbox, a pyramid, a bowl, a bowled out corner, a flatbank and a roll-in.

The skate park at Saltmill has been described as a really fun, slightly weathered, concrete paradise.

A note from Chris Cummings

Saltmill Park Skate Park means a lot to me, I attended some of the very first design meetings and have been skating it since the first bit of concrete was there, back before the millenium. I made sure I became involved when Phase 2 was done back in 2005 and as soon as we heard about the possibility of getting funding for a further extension made sure that we got everyone we’d ever met to vote for Saltmill.

The park is more than just a load of concrete in an old tip, there is a huge community that has been created there. No matter the age/upbringing/circumstances of someone, down there they are accepted and treated as an equal. I’ve met some of my closest friends down there and met people from all over the world who have visited on their way through, and it’s meant that I’ve been to a lot of strange towns and villages visiting other skateparks and meeting other skaters.

The future of Saltmill is hopefully pretty bright, once we got the £30,000 funding for Phase 3 from Britvic we formed the Saltmill Skate Park Committee and have been working with Groundwork to get the plans sorted and bring the new park to life.

If the order has been sorted out then work should be starting by Bendcrete on site in the next few weeks, as well as the existing park finally having the cracks and holes repaired.

Now that we’ve got a committee going we will be trying to raise more funds to try and create yet another extension in a few years. Even if it’s just a small amount, any way to improve the park and keep it exciting and attract people down there is a good thing. With the committee we will just be trying to promote the park and keep people wanting to come down and use it.

The more we can get involved in the committee the better.