If you would like to make an enquiry or place a booking to use the sports facilities or the training centre at Saltmill Park, please telephone Pete Densham on: 01752 846463 or 07710 392072 or alternatively, you may use the form on this page to make a booking enquiry.

Please click on the date you would like to book and then fill in all the fields on the form before clicking “Send”.

We will reply to your enquiry as promptly as possible.

Pitch prices per hour

Whole Pitch: £45.00 (£39.00 block booking)
Whole Pitch + Lights: £57.00 (£48.50 block booking)
Third Pitch £24.50: (£21.50 block booking)
Third Pitch + Lights: £27.00 (£24.00 block booking)

*Block bookings comprise 10 1-hour sessions

Daytime special rate (10am to 4pm) Mondays to Fridays, for charities, voluntary groups, schools and universities.
Whole Pitch: £30.00. Third Pitch: £15.00.

Lettings Agreement

If you are going to book the facilities at Saltmill Park in Saltash, you will need to fill in a Lettings Agreement in every instance prior to finalising your booking.