About Saltmill Park

The Saltmill Park site was a Tidal Mill which was in use up until 1881. Thereafter, the site was used as a refuse tip from 1926 to 1985, and then the site was unused for eleven years until 1996 when the partnership between the local community, Caradon District Council and Groundwork was set up.

This period of consultation culminated in the Saltmill Millennium Project which was a collaboration between the project partners (the community, Cornwall Council and Groundwork) and the main contractors Edmund Nuttall Ltd.

Saltmill Park not only has a state of the art sports facility and Skate Park, but it is an open park situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty and is very popular with dog walkers. Artists from around the region came together during the re-development of Saltmill and created several sculptures and carved poetry installations which are still here today.

Seating is located strategically around the park so that the Tamar River Estuary views can be enjoyed peacefully.